Great Explainer on Benefits of NeurOptimal from Provider in Cleveland (5 Minutes)

Young Man’s Review of NeurOptimal (12 minutes)

Treasure Trove of Videos on Use of Neurofeedback for a Wide Variety of Concerns

Very Candid Review of Trauma Surivor after 50 Sessions (10 Minutes; Warning – contains adult language)┬á

The Science Behind NeurOptimal (1 hour, 25 minutes; very wonky, but good if you want to know what underlies the system)

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Neurofeedback Research & Discussion

Psychiatric Times article on Neurofeedback as Help for Psychiatric Symptons

Effectiveness of Neurofeedback in Adults with Chronic Illness, Scholarly Article

Evidence-Based Information on Treatment of Children with ADHD, Scholarly Article

Comprehensive Neurofeedback Training for Transformational Change, Doctoral Dissertation

Brain Training: The Future of Psychiatric Treatment, Harvard University Blog

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