Who Benefits?

Short Answer, everyone.


Feeling burnt-out, exhausted or stressed? Anxiety? Tired of trying so hard and not getting where you want to be?

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Modern life has so many stressors that it’s challenging to live up to our full potential. Using neurofeedback, we can train our brains to find the calm, centered and relaxed states we know are possible. Feeling relaxed makes life flow more easily and brings you to your own powerful center.

Neurofeedback has been proven to work in both the short and long-term. You likely have a long list of things you wish you were doing to take better care of yourself. Consider neurofeedback as the center of your wellness journey. This form of biofeedback helps reduce the effort, in effect, required to take care of yourself. This is because you’re more focused on wanting to do better when you feel relaxed.


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Is your child struggling to stay regulated, have attention challenges, or other things that hold them back? Have you tried too many things to count and nothing seems to make the change you’re hoping for? Neurofeedback is different because it’s your child’s own mind healing itself through information about it’s activities, alone.

The training can help your child concentrate, regulate, work through blocks and achieve a more calm and aware state of mind.

Neurofeedback is typically done over a short-term, but often with long-lasting results. Kids often find the fun things to do in the office and the plants very calming and inviting. I am experienced with those who need extra support, and my non-judgmental, non-gullible approach can bring kids along who might be a little reluctant.

Teenager Explains How NeurOptimal Helped Her Video (3 min)

Childhood Trauma and NeurOptimal Video (1 hour, very informative)


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As we age, it’s particularly important to maintain our health. We want to keep at our best as long as possible. Neurofeedback can help your mind remain as sharp as it can as long as it can. In addition to helping with the normal stress and pressure we all feel each day. Consider neurofeedback as a core of your mental fitness routine.

Parent/Child & Whole Family Training

Near and dear to my heart are sessions with whole families. Families are a system and yet,  a single individual who is experiencing challenges or instability can upset the apple cart for everyone. That lack of centering inevitably reverberates out into challenges for others in the family as the stress wears us down. Whole family wellness sessions are an ideal way to press the reset button for everyone. Ideally, all members of the family participate in neurofeedback. The next best option is that the primary caregiver and child who’s struggling most both do neurofeedback.

The Family that Trains Together Stays Together Video (7 minutes)


Add neurofeedback to your training routine to help you achieve top performance. Coaches and parents know that everything matters to get to the next step, and mental acuity is no different. The athlete who’s nimble with their mind, and with their feet comes out ahead.

Olympic Rower Talks About NeurOptimal Video (1 hour 49 minutes)


Meeting your goals means being at your peak performance when dealing with supervisors, colleagues, clients and others. Neurofeedback is not just for people who feel like they are struggling, it can also be for people who feel good but want to take it to the next level. Neurofeedback can help you think on your feet with ease – and get you closer to achieving your dreams.