About Me

My name is Pernell Plath Meier, and throughout my life, helping others has been my passion and focus. I became certified as a Neuroptimal Neurofeedback provider in 2019 and opened Restorations to support the mental health of our community. 

After graduate school, I started my professional life working with organic and sustainable farmers. Later I became a full-time mom to my passel of fostered and adopted kids and grew huge gardens, raised chickens and ducks, and taught homesteading skills to many interns. It was through raising my children and seeing their struggles that I became aware of the limitations of talk therapy and medications alone. 

I began seeking holistic solutions for a wide variety of mental health conditions and discovered neurofeedback as a powerful tool for lasting change. It’s gratifying to bring this technology to others so that they can experience the same transformations I’ve seen within myself, my family, and my clients.